LET ME OFF AT THE TOP! By Ron Burgundy

It was my birthday last week, one of the gifts my husband got me was Let Me Off at the Top, by Ron Burgundy. That’s right, the fictional character from Anchorman has written a book. The brilliant thing about it is how whoever has written this has not broken character and it genuinely reads as though it has been written by him, from the authors note to the author profile on the dust jacket.


This bare bones of this book is about Burgundy’s life, where he was born, how he became a top anchorman and a few other experiences thrown in, much like an ordinary autobiography. However the randomness and nonsense thrown in set this apart from other books just like it. If you have seen Anchorman, you can imagine just how nonsensical this book is.

There is a whole chapter dedicated to his hair, he gets sidetracked when talking about the simplest of things and has a rant about his neighbour who has borrowed his leaf-blower. It is as if he has sat down an written the first thing that came into his head, no planning no thought process and the ‘facts’ in the novel are so far-fetched if this was supposed to be a real memoir he would have been thrown out of the editors office for wasting time. This is why it works! This is what Ron Burgundy is like, random and full of sh*t!  Here are some one-liners if you are one of the 3 people in the world who have not seen it.

It had me laughing from start to finish, the only time I have (willingly) read the Author’s note. I could not put it down. I would recommend this to anybody whether you have seen Anchorman or not. It will have you in stitches. From the myths behind his hair and his recipe for hair styler which includes cat pee to their search for the perfect weatherman and the check list that comes with it (15 requirements including; ‘Enjoys petting rabbits’ and ‘Only has tighty-whitey underwear.)

This review is so hard to write, as I don’t feel like I can mention any of the book without ruining the joke. So instead I give you the link to amazon and implore you to buy it, read it and thank me later!

Hardback     Kindle

Just remember one thing…



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